Tools for Facilitators ToolKit Two

The Conscious Baby Program for Parents™

These toolkits are available to purchase and download for your future use; please be sure to download them before December 31, 2021.

Are you a professional who works with parents?

Are you interested in making a difference in their lives through education about early development, especially the experience of the baby?

The Conscious Baby Program for Parents,™ Tools for Facilitators course offers leading edge information about prenatal and perinatal psychology and health. We have designed 10 Toolkits for professionals such as parenting teachers, perinatal and birthing professionals, midwives, nurses, somatic therapists, pregnancy support staff, and anyone who loves and supports families with babies or couples who want to conceive. These toolkits provide:

  • recorded presentations and downloadable powerpoints on our topics for professionals to use,
  • tools for educators help parents learn about baby consciousness and skills to support the process of teaching,
  • exercises for professionals to introduce to parents and for themselves to holistically embody the course,
  • additional materials like videos and articles,
  • and a quiz for those who want professional certificate.

Professionals receive a certificate of completion and monthly support circles so that parent educators can offer their own courses in their areas or online.

About This Toolkit: Toolkit Two has 15 different presentations and skills. The presentations include The Conscious Baby Principles: 10 Principles to Live By and a scientific presentation on Understanding Early Imprints: Memory and the Conscious Baby. We then introduce you to skills of holding space, listening, including the baby, creating a welcoming space, resourcing, sequencing, taking a Love Break, an a video about how Every Baby Tells a Story.

Tool Kit Topics Include:

1. Trends and Influences in Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Somatic Health: Telling the Story of The Conscious Baby

2. Conscious Baby Principles and How Imprints Happen: Memory and the Conscious Baby

3. Babies Are Conscious: 12 Senses Not 5 and Spirituality and the Conscious Baby: A Foundation

4. Learning In Utero

5. The Impact of Stress during Pregnancy and the Conscious Baby: The Evidence

6. The Importance of Preparing for Early Parenting: Ancestral Patterns, Epigenetics, Attachment Styles, and What is a Family?

7. Prenatal Bonding and the Conscious Baby

8. The Baby's Experience of Conception, Pregnancy and Birth: A Summary

8. The Impact of Interventions on the Baby's Experience

10. The Postpartum Period and The Baby's Story

As a culture, we often come at babies and families from the outside – in.
This program teaches parents and educators to support babies and families from the inside – out.

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