What You Need to Know to Start

Course Information

  • You will have twelve (12) months to complete the PPNE Educator Certificate Program.
  • We provide estimated times to complete each module, although you are encouraged to study and complete the requirements at your own pace. For most people, planning for 10-15 hours/month is a good pace to complete the program within the year.
  • The Learning Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We recommend that you bookmark the page, and be sure to save and store your sign in email address and password, as we do not have access to your password. If you lose your sign in information, please contact Teachable.
    • One year of Premier Membership in APPPAH ($250 value) is included in the PPNE program and gives you access to the APPPAH Live! Library of recordings, JOPPPAH journal articles, monthly member networking calls and more!
  • Extensions to complete the PPNE certificate are available at an additional cost at the end of your 12 month enrollment.
    • Mentors are available to help you throughout your certification. Please choose your mentor at the start of your course, their bios are listed under the "Mentor" section. Please communicate your preferences to the Education Director at [email protected].

We have added a Digital Library!

We now have a Digital Library for you! This will allow our PPNE students the opportunity to borrow some of our required reading books via an online app, rather than purchase them.

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