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  What You Need to Know to Start

Course Information

  • Students have twelve (12) months to complete the PPNE Educator Certificate Program.
  • Estimated times to complete each module are provided, however each student is able and encouraged to study and complete the requirements at their own pace and schedule.
  • The ClassWomb is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.To get there, go to We then recommend that you bookmark the page.
  • In addition to all the educational/certification materials, students will have access to Monday LIVE, a weekly series of professional lectures on topics that will expand their awareness and knowledge of topics in the field of prenatal and perinatal psychology and related fields.
  • The first Monday LIVE of each month is an interactive forum for students called Join the Conversation. You can ask the moderator questions at the end about getting into the Teachable ClassWomb, and you can always refer technical questions to
  •  In addition to the educational/certification materials and Monday LIVE, students also receive a:
  • One (1) year Student Membership in APPPAH ($110 value).
  • § One (1) year subscription to The Touch the Future Academy (TTF) ($78 value) ( If you do not receive your TTF code and want one to use for teaching resources, please email:
  • One (1) year extensions are available if circumstances require that you go beyond twelve (12) months to complete your certification requirements.  The cost of this extension is $190.00 and it includes an additional one (1) year APPPAH Student Membership, a one (1) year subscription to Monday LIVE, and a one (1) year extension of your subscription to The Touch the Future Academy.
  •  Mentors are available to help and support students throughout their certification process. They are also responsible for assessing and grading your project submissions.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to choose a Mentor as soon as they begin their certification process so that their Mentor can provide feedback as they work through each of the Modules.
  • Students are invited to read the Mentor bios in this section to see who is available.
  • We can also assign you to a mentor, based on backgrounds, interests, and availability, if you prefer. Please communicate your preferences to
  • Students are able to work directly with their Mentor as well as connect with other Mentors during their posted office hours.
  • There is also a Teachable app you can download and access your account from your smartphone, tablet or iPad. To access the app, go to your Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Type in Teachable. Download. Open the app. When prompted, enter your ClassWomb email and password. You should automatically have access to your content. Best user experience will happen on a desktop or laptop, but this is great if you want to listen to an audio or access content on the go. You can read more about using the app here:
  •  While this is specifically about IOS, the steps are the same for Android users.