Technical Information and Support

  • High-speed internet is recommended.
  • For Windows: Adobe Reader, Flash Player (already installed in most browsers), and the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome are recommended.
  • For Mac OS X: Adobe Reader, Flash Player (already installed in most browsers), Firefox, Chrome, or Safari are recommended.
  • Download the Teachable app to access your account from your smartphone, tablet or iPad. To access the app, go to your Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Type in Teachable. Download. Open the app. When prompted, enter your teachable Prenatal & Perinatal Learning Center email and password. You should automatically have access to your content. Best user experience will happen on a desktop or laptop, but this is great if you want to listen to an audio or access content on the go. You can read more about using the app here: While this is specifically about IOS, the steps are the same for Android users.
  • You will have two logins - one to access your membership benefits at and one for Teachable. Your passwords and user ID's are separate, but you can choose to use the same or a different user name and password on the two sites. The website is not part of the website, although we are in the process of creating a brand new Learning Center that will be integrated with our new website.

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