Exercise: Settling


Welcome to the segment on Exercises for Yourself and Parents, for Tool Kit 1, in our program for facilitators, for The Conscious Baby Program for Parents.

We have a series of exercises that we’re going to lead you through and that you can lead parents through. The first one is really just settling. The first several here are grounding and settling.

The first one is just noticing your body in the chair. I am going to demonstrate with you.

I am just going to invite you to close your eyes. Notice your body in the chair, and then your breath. Notice that you are seated on one side more than the other, noticing your hips in the chair and noticing your feet. It’s just a way to bring attention into your body in the present time.

So, it’s slowing down, noticing your seat, noticing your feet, and your breath.

People who work with mindfulness meditation say that the easiest way for you to become more present is simply just to notice your breath.


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