Learning Objectives

This toolkit is an introduction APPPAH's paradigm of the Conscious Baby, that babies are aware in utero, and the experiences they have form a template for the future. This influences relationships, perception, worldview, and health on every level. Our information and skills will help you teach others about the baby's experience, as well as form a container for listeners to make sense of early parenting skills needed for optimal human development. Learning Objective for ToolKit One. Participants will be able to:

  • Name historical and current trends and influences in prenatal and perinatal psychology and somatic health.
  • Name the 5 Skills of Presence to work with audiences and clients.
  • Present and teach Skills of Presence to audiences to nourish the nervous system, provide stress relief, and create safety.
  • Practice ways to create the feeling of safety by recognizing the sweet spot when working with audiences and clients.
  • Practice and teach breathing exercises for calming, grounding, and settling.
  • Practice and teach body oriented meditations for audiences.
  • Name the Seven Principles of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology according to babies.

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