Module 8: Labor and Birth

PPN Perspectives on Labor & Birth

Module 8: PPN Perspectives on Labor & Birth

Normal, physiologic birth requires certain conditions for optimal outcomes. This module examines birth from a pre and perinatal psychology perspective, starting with conditions of safety and privacy. It provides descriptions of birthing conditions and their outcomes in the US and other countries.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify conditions for optimal birth experiences in birthing practices and inside the mother and prenate.
  • Understand birth models that facilitate easier birthing experiences and be able to cite real life examples.
  • Name the many hormones (especially oxytocin) and other internal chemicals involved in the birthing process and their importance to birth outcomes.
  • Understand the impact of birth interventions and the positive constellation of experiences to promote optimal birth outcomes.
  • Introduced to birth trauma and why incidences can be high.
  • Understand how different pre- and perinatal psychology theories work, especially recapitulation.
  • Name medical, institutional and social attitudes and practices towards pregnant mothers and their unborn and newborn babies.
  • Understand obstetrical interventions and physiologic birth in the context of the maternity system, and how to help people navigate for a better birth experience.

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