Labor and Birth Overview

Module 8 Overview: Normal, physiologic birth requires certain conditions for optimal outcomes. This module examines birth from a pre- and perinatal perspective, starting with conditions of safety and privacy. It provides descriptions of birthing conditions and their outcomes in the US and other countries.

Students: The central information in this module comes from Robbie Davis-Floyd's book Birth Models That Work. Dr. Davis-Floyd is sure to show readers what does not work in birthing practice in the introduction, then shows many models that do. New information on trauma-informed perinatal care by Julia Seng and Julie Taylor prepare educators to help birth professionals increase their birth outcomes, as does the description of therapies by John Wilks. Prenatal and perinatal pioneers Verny, Chamberlain, Odent and Pravrati Baker help professionals learn about the baby's experience of birth, and more recent professionals like Malloy and Newman give us alternatives to support their experience.

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