Module 7: Attachment

Bonding & Learning---Attachment

Module 7: Bonding & Learning---Attachment

Western culture has traditionally viewed parenting as beginning after birth. This module supports the fact that parenting begins in the preconception period and throughout the pregnancy, birth, and beyond. It introduces an early parenting paradigm to honor the possibility of conscious conception and communication with the prenate. The materials present results from many research studies and case reviews. It introduces the profound importance of healthy bonding to the prenate, the birth experience, and the first year of life.

Learning Objectives:

  • Support the importance of early parenting with research and anecdotal evidence
  • Show how prenatal parenting and bonding improves health indicators on many levels: intelligence scores, language skills, physical development, mental and emotional development, fine motor skills, and more.
  • Show how everything around a prenate in the culture and in the family contribute to learning styles that develop later in life.
  • Describe how bonding starts in utero and how it potentially effects all aspects of human development.
  • Cite research studies about prenatal bonding, especially how it impacts birth and development after birth.
  • Know how to facilitate prenatal bonding and learning through storytelling and guided examples.

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