Module 6: Cultural Impacts

Cultural Impacts of Prenatal Awareness

Module 6: Cultural Impacts of Birth Psychology Awareness

The prenate is influenced by his or her surroundings, primarily the mother and her thoughts, feelings, and relationships. Society and culture also have a profound impact on the developing prenate. This module will introduce research that supports prenatal awareness and how this phenomena can impact human perspectives, beliefs, and participation in society. It will further emphasize prenatal communication and sentience.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the impact of a mother's thoughts and feelings on the prenate.
  • Review research that supports the importance of prenatal bonding.
  • Show how prenatal and birth experiences impact later life and culture.
  • Present a way of relating to pregnancy and birth for optimal health of humans and their cultures.
  • Connect societal and cultural symbols to prenatal and birth experiences.
  • Cite how babies (prenates and newborns) are sensitive, able to learn, and dream.
  • Articulate theories for prenatal and birth memories, and prenatal intelligence, learning and sensitivities.

Supported by papers and interviews from David Chamberlain, John Ham, Janus Ludwig, Jean Leidloff, and James Prescott

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