Module 4: Neuroscience

Neuroscience and Its Importance to Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology

Module 4: Neuroscience and Its Importance to Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology

This section will cover the trends in neuroscience, nervous system regulation, and the social nervous system that support evidence of the importance of pre and perinatal psychology. The chapters, papers, and videos in this module will provide the PPNE with language and data to meet the expectations of discerning audiences, especially those that require scientific information as proof of the paradigm.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the parts of the brain that develop in utero and the first year of life.
  • Be able to specifically name what neurons are and other important neuroanatomy.
  • Explain what optimal development is for nervous system regulation.
  • Define interpersonal neurobiology and why it is important to the field.
  • Know the meaning of the terms: neurons, implicit memory, nervous system imprinting, neuroplasticity, mirror neurons, the baby’s nervous system, self and co-regulation, social engagement, polyvagal theory, neuroception, interoception.
  • Be able to identify major influences, practitioner and authors in the integration of neuroscience, psychology, trauma and bodywork.
  • Be able to refer listeners to resources for further training and development.

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