Neuroscience and Its Importance to Pre and Perinatal Psychology (Overview)

Module 4 Overview: This section will cover the trends in neuroscience, nervous system regulation and the social nervous system that support evidence of the importance of pre- and perinatal psychology. The chapters, papers, and videos in this module will provide the PPNE with language and data to meet the expectations of discerning audiences, especially those that require scientific information as proof of the paradigm.

Students: In this module, we introduce important neuroscience to support the baby's experience of pregnancy, birth and attachment. We know this is a complex subject that is changing daily. We introduce the autonomic nervous system, neuroanatomy and polyvagal theory. After the Essay, we have listed interesting resources, including more that polyagal theory, the new theories on how emotions are made, and the human connectome project. We are really a complex series of grids and neurons in our brain and our body. We only ask you understand the neuroanatomy, polyvagal theory, and interpersonal neurobiology, and you are only responsible for the material above the essay, not below. Enjoy and send questions to Sally Dear-Healey, Director of Education.