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  What's in This Class?

Presence is an essential component of safety in intimate relationships.This presentation, which draws resources from developmental psychology, archetypal psychology, and the quantum sciences, will also include experiential activities designed to create an experience of presence.

Creating an experience of presence involves several steps. It begins internally with an individual synchronizing their mind and heart, which puts him or her in a state of feeling relaxed and focused in present time and present with themselves.

When two or more people energetically synchronize while in this relaxed and focused space, a unified field emerges between them that is known as presence. Most importantly, this field also replicates the optimal mother-child attachment system. In this energetically attuned state, this common field of energy serves as a space where many things happen—particularly deep healing. New research findings from the field of epigenetics shows that experiences of presence increase people's production of telomerase, heal damaged telomeres, and can help rewrite the epigenetic impact of relational or developmental trauma.

Presence emerges naturally in caring relationships, and serves as a great force in healing the grief associated with attachment and separation trauma during the first three years of life.

About Janae:

Dr. Janae Weinhold Ph.D., LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor and specialist in the field of developmental trauma. She has been collaborating for over 30 years with her husband and partner, Barry Weinhold, in their research in developmental trauma. Together they co-direct the Colorado Institute for Conflict Resolution & Creative Leadership and the Colorado Professional Development Center, and lead Trauma-Informed Care Certificate Trainings for healthcare practitioners. Janae is the author or co-author of 14 books on developmental psychology. Her most recent book is LOVEvolution: A Heartful Approach to Healing Developmental Trauma.