Module 11: Implications

Implications & Inspiration for a new worldview

Module 11: Implications & Inspiration for a new worldview

The Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health wants PPNE students to be aware of the implications that the technological and medical models of birth have had on the baby and newborn family. Other implications of difficulty in the early period are well documented in studies of stress during pregnancy and adverse early childhood experiences. Many professionals have discovered Pre and Perinatal Psychology and integrated it into their practices and jobs. This module features inspiring stories and interviews with PPN professionals, and lays the groundwork to be able to describe implications of early trauma.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify a sense of belonging to a vital movement
  • Learn that certain archetypes - warrior, teacher, healer, visionary - help the PPN educator know their strengths and challenges.
  • Be able to describe the Adverse Childhood Experiences study and why it is important.
  • Be able to name the impact that stress and fear have on the body.
  • Describe the role of the HPA axis.
  • Under how our experiences become our biology.
  • Be able to differentiate stress from trauma.
  • Understand the implications of stress and trauma in the PPN field.
  • Understand the implications of adverse experiences during early childhood.
  • Explain the impact of maternal depression and disorganized attachment.
  • Deepen into the study of genetics, epigenetics, and attachment.
  • Identify therapies that help with recovery from early trauma.
  • Understand the implications of not seeing babies as aware, sensitive, and sentient.
  • Grasp the magic of childhood through the writings of Joseph Chilton Pearce
  • Connect early stress as a form of violence for the baby's nervous system
  • Connect ADD, ADHD, addiction, and interpersonal violence with cultural elements
  • Be able to identify three ways that mothers can bond with their babies inutero
  • Understand ways in which our culture undermines health and well being through various forms of identification and denial

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