Learning Objectives

Module 9 Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify the impact of Skin-to-Skin, breastfeeding, and mother-baby bonding on health outcomes and nervous system functioning in newborns, within the PPN psychology context and from the baby’s perspective
  • Explain the key elements of the nine stages that babies experience during the first hour after birth, including the Breast Crawl, keys to interpreting infant cries and emotional expression, the imprinting process, the role of memory, “healing betrayal”, and trust building after trauma
  • Articulate the observed impact of prenatal and birth shock and trauma on the body and the psyche, detail healing regimens, name the characteristics of non-traumatized newborns, and list the skills that practitioners use to renegotiate prenatal or birth difficulties
  • Describe therapeutic approaches for families, mothers, fathers, and babies who have experienced prenatal and birth trauma, and provide resources for referrals