2019 Denver International Congress

Cultural Impacts of Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology: Past, Present & Future

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The Association of Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology & Health’s (APPPAH) 21st International Congress in Denver, Colorado laid a foundation and created a space for wonderful people from around the world to gather and contemplate the development, manifestation, and possibilities inherent in what is prenatal and perinatal psychology, or birth psychology.

In these dynamic and poignant keynote presentations, you will experience many dimensions and perspectives on prenatal and perinatal psychology. You will gather tools to further support and uplift babies and their families in your community.

The international Congress honoured each participant as a unique piece of the puzzle and acknowledged that working together, cooperatively and co-creatively, can begin to create a deeper mutual understanding of the potential of human life for us as individuals, and as a humanity; to know and embody who we are and what our purpose is. Whatever your individual experience is, we at APPPAH value it, honor it, and fully support the full embodiment of who you are meant to be on this planet, and what your unique contribution is.

APPPAH offers the world the idea that consciousness exists before, during, and after birth. It is eternally present. The concept that human beings are aware beings before birth, aware even before conception, is ready to be realized. Acknowledging our conscious, sentience, from before we are conceived will add a dimension to our human life on this earth that we can only begin to hope for and imagine at this time. As we acknowledge and honor the vulnerable and divine beings in our children and make what was previously unconscious, conscious, we will manifest a better world.

We welcome you to explore our Congress keynote presentations and join us on a journey towards our human potential.

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