About Maryl Smith

The Art of Trauma Sensitive Intake in the Midwifery Model of Care

More than half of those who have been traumatized will not disclose at intake. The reality is your new client has not yet decided if you are trustworthy. Further barriers to disclosure may include their belief about what the trauma means about themselves, their current safety status, stoic minimization or even limited trauma recall. Your ability to create safe opportunities for disclosure and to read between the behavioral lines can make all the difference in whether your care is designed to heal or if it will re-traumatize. You will learn how to create safe opportunities that encourage disclosure and explore how to offer trauma-informed care even when there is no disclosure.

About Maryl Smith, CPM, LDM

Maryl Smith, CPM, LDM, has an active homebirth practice and has been catching babies since 1984. Over the years she has cared for women from over 18 different nations, worked in two free-standing birth centers, taught as adjunct staff at Birthingway College of Midwifery and served in multiple roles in the promotion of midwifery in the state of Oregon. Her passion is supporting trauma survivors during the perinatal experience. Maryl frequently travels the world with her pastor/musician husband working to preserve indigenous spiritual expression in music. Her other activities include adventures with her granddaughters, herb gardening, writing and being active in her local Native American community.

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