Required and Suggested Reading

Required Reading:

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Required Viewing:

Michel Odent, MD - Primal Health - 70 min

Odent developed a special interest in environmental factors influencing birth. He introduced the concepts home like birthing rooms, birthing pools and singing sessions for pregnant women.

Jeannine Parvati Baker – How Do You Want To Be Born? – 50 min.
Yogini, midwife, herbalist, published author, and poet, Jeannine explores the challenges facing women, creative fertility and how to organize one’s life to nurture the needs of children.

Ina May Gaskin, MA, CPM, PhD(Hon.) - Spiritual Midwifery – 40 min.
Founder of the Farm Midwifery Center. By 2011, the Center had handled approximately 3000 births, with remarkably good outcomes. Ina May has attended more than 1200 births. Experience and wisdom – plain and simple.

Recommended Reading and Viewing:

Lake, R. & Epstein, A. (2008). The business of being born. United States: Millenium.