A Little Chat

By Donna Abler

As I was making rounds early one morning in the neonatal intensive care unit, I followed the cry to the end of a row of three critical care bed spaces.

The curtain was draw for privacy and sensory protection. The lights were dimmed.

I approached the bed space just as the nurse tip toed gingerly from behind the curtain.She looked up relieved as I approached. She asked if I could do something to help console this baby.

I quietly stepped behind the curtain and listened deeply.

He was not from around here. This place was very foreign to him. I scooped him up with his permission. I acknowledged and reflected that he was from far, far away.

He quieted and stilled, blinking his wide saucer eyes at me.His head was big and round and bald.

I told him he was on Earth now.It’s where you chose to come.

He listened and remembered and settled in.

The nurse peeked her head around the curtain asking, ‘what did you do? That baby has not been quiet since he arrived!’

I responded, “We just had a little chat.”

Donna Seegers AblerJanuary 2019