Hello students and welcome guests!

My name is Kate White. I am the Director of Education for APPPAH. Our department was born 6 years ago, November, 2013 at the International Congress. That previous summer, the Board at that time approached me and said, would you be willing to create a course for people from APPPAH's peer reviewed articles, especially the writings of David Chamberlain and Thomas Verny, our co-founders? They handed me a small stack of papers with an outline. Yes, of course, I said. I have been studying prenatal and perinatal healing since 1999. With an outline in hand, I added more modules, resources, books, and films. APPPAH partnered with Touch the Future for interviews with our luminaries and pioneers. Over the years, we developed courses for professionals of all kinds, a dynamite lecture series (Monday LIVE!) where are experts and practitioners share their wisdom with anyone who wants to listen, and grew our Classwomb™. Many people have made significant contributions to our growth, supported and presented to our student body, and helped us develop plans and expansions as our paradigm about consciousness, babies and birth is becoming accepted. We are poised on great change.

A recent conversation with a student has led me to reach out to you to name where we are just now in our growth as an educational program. We are doing better than ever! Our new administrator, Karen Mulder, has really nailed down our processes. We have added many new mentors and are planning now to add more in different parts of the world. Our student body has grown to over 400 students, with half of them active in our courses, the Prenatal and Perinatal Educator Certificate course and our now many On Demand courses. The month of April, 2019 witnessed the most activity in our student body ever in the history of the department. We have just received approval for Continuing Education credits for psychological professionals, licensed mental health counselors, social workers, marriage and family therapists and nurses! We are seeking continuing education credits with midwifery organizations as well. Our CE modules with quizzes and certificates will be available soon. We are researching doable solutions for professionals and students enrolled in academic programs to receive credit through new trends in online education. This is so much possibility.

Students have mentioned to me that they are seeing new marketing messages. Yes! We have a new Board! One of our Board members, Lynn Korst is a marketing professional and is behind our push on messaging. In addition, the Harvard Center on the Developing Child encouraged us to become more familiar with our audiences, so we are doing an active push to understand exactly who is interested in our paradigm and how to meet their expectations. Marketing and educational professionals call our efforts audience segmentation. Our goal is to create educational programs that will really meet the audiences' needs. Our first push is to help midwives and nurses, but the many kinds of practitioners and also, parents, are not far behind. All our projects are still on going: The Conscious Baby Program for Parents™ and Toolkits for Facilitators are still in development. Stay tuned for more information.

This past year we also developed more somatic education with the Creating Safety:Understanding Early Trauma Resolution. We know that a big part of understanding the baby's experience is understanding implicit memory. The growth of trauma resolution therapies that include bonding, attachment and transgenerational/intergenerational trauma has been exponential. The increase of research and application of epigenetics and neuroscience, especially polyvagal theory supports our paradigm: that babies are conscious and aware in the womb, and the role of parents and professionals that support them is extremely important. As Bruce Lipton has said, parents are the programmers of their children's experiences. We can make a better humanity by supporting early trauma prevention and healing. Our focus at APPPAH is education, and as I have said to our students, just standing up in front of an audience and talking about baby consciousness is an intervention.

Please know that you can always reach out to me at [email protected] We are more than a program; we are a community. If you are a guest, please come into our Classwomb™, enroll in our Free Content, look over our many on demand offerings and our professional Prenatal and Perinatal Educator Certificate Program! Join our community and help the world be a gentler, more peaceful more conscious place.